Risk and Portfolio Management of Illiquids

Setting New Market Standards
We support industry players in setting new market standards in the management of private market investments.It would be a pleasure if we could spark your interest in our work and get in direct contact with each other. For further information please refer to an article in one of our clients journal.

Covered Markets
Covered markets at this time are: real estate, infrastructure (renewables), mortgage and private equity (initiated). We see a high degree of similarities btw. the private & emerging markets (e.g. lack of information, low transparency in terms of pricing etc.) and consider also this segment as a market to step in by using our approach.

USP: Software RealEstimate®

Top Down
Transfer of company knowledge into a Market Pricing Model (Quantitative Model)

Bottom Up
Connection of individual cashflows with market developments based on stochastically processes

Ex ante based capital market approach enables an universal language in terms of investment figures

Open platform
Scalable by modeling for each cashflow driven direct & indirect investment

Visualisation of the Future

How about analyzing the impact of property purchases or stress tests on interest rates or Brexit effects on the portfolio's own cash flows?
Tachycon has implemented the groundbreaking RealEstimate®-technology for this. By applying approved standards in the portfolio context, alternative and traditional investments can be compared, stress scenarios may be simulated and investments can be "real" estimated and analyzed along the entire life cycle. This methodology takes the quality and transparency of investment decisions to a new level.

Company Features

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